• 2 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Hanging Art: How To Get It Right Every Time

    Are you new to home decor or just starting to add artwork to your walls? If so, you may be making some common mistakes that can ruin the look of your art prints and paintings. This article covers some of the most common mistakes people make when hanging art. Failure to Level the Frames When it comes to hanging art, one of the most common mistakes people make is not leveling the frames.
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  • Do's And Don'ts For Short-Term Vacation Rental Interior Design

    Properly staging your short-term vacation rental is one key to boosting your profit margin. But what should a well-planned rental interior design look like? To help you create your ideal setting, here are a few important do's and don'ts: Do Make It Cohesive  A harmonious overall style is important for every home, but it can be less vital in a busy household with many different personalities living their own lives inside.
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