Do's And Don'ts For Short-Term Vacation Rental Interior Design

Posted on: 7 February 2022

Properly staging your short-term vacation rental is one key to boosting your profit margin. But what should a well-planned rental interior design look like? To help you create your ideal setting, here are a few important do's and don'ts:

Do Make It Cohesive 

A harmonious overall style is important for every home, but it can be less vital in a busy household with many different personalities living their own lives inside. However, your short-term rental should reflect one style, one overarching theme, and one coordinated palette. View it as strangers will view it for the first time, from start to finish. Everything should make sense in the context. 

Don't Make it Your Own

Personalization of a short-term rental is somewhat tricky. It should feel comfortable and relatable, but it shouldn't feel like your own home. Instead of focusing on what makes you personally happy, talk to others about what makes them feel like a place is welcoming. Look for inspiration outside of your own experience, including through the internet and design resources. 

Do Make It Relate to the Area

Each vacation rental location can and should provide inspiration for interior design. A beach cottage is often decorated in nautical colors and uses the beach or ocean as its inspiration. A mountain retreat might use more browns and greens from nature. A vibrant city rental could weave in more modern colors and a vibe that matches the neighborhood. 

Don't Make It Too Universal

Some level of universal appeal is important, but don't lose track of your core audience. Who do you want to appeal to most? Which type of travelers tends to rent in your area or your type of unit? Cater to these folks in particular. Business travelers need a place to work. Young couples want a touch of romance. Pet lovers want a safe environment for furry friends. Appeal to them to increase their return visits. 

Do Make It Sturdy

No matter what colors, sizes, shapes, or eras of furnishings you install, make sure they are sturdy and long-lasting. Little will turn off potential renters more than aging, cracked, peeling furnishings and decor. Buying quality items that will hold up under regular use by kids, pets, teens, and large groups is the best way to ensure they look great for many years. 

Where to Start

Finding the ideal balance when decorating a short-term vacation rental can be hard. Get help from a professional interior designer in your area. With their expertise and your vision, you'll create a space that people will come back to many times and recommend to everyone. 

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