How To Choose A Loft Ladder

Posted on: 8 September 2021

An attic or loft ladder is a ladder that gives you access to the attic door. The pros of loft ladders are that you can draw back the ladders, creating more space around your attic area. Also, attic ladders are an inexpensive alternative to building a stairway to your attic. However, you need to select the perfect loft ladder for your needs. Choosing the ideal loft ladder entails considering the following factors.

Ladder Types

The market offers various types of loft ladders, including:

  • Sliding ladders. Ideally, a sliding ladder can contain several sections depending on the height. The ladder may have a loft hatch for mounting or can come separately.
  • Folding ladders. The ladders fold neatly and are ideal if you have small loft space.
  • Concertina ladders. The ladders are perfect for lofts with a tight landing space.
  • Telescopic ladder: The ladders work well in tight spaces and are easy to operate.

Understanding the types of loft ladders will help you choose a ladder that fits your space and one that's functional.


Loft ladders come in various materials such as wood and aluminum. Wood ladders look stylish, and they can withstand heavy loads. In contrast, aluminum is lightweight, and you can move the ladder around comfortably. However, the aluminum may bend if you put heavy weight on the ladder, which can be dangerous. Ideally, most ladders are steel, which can carry massive loads and last a long time. Therefore, choose a ladder material that's durable and efficient.


When looking for loft ladders, consider the cost. Ideally, the cost of an attic ladder varies depending on the height, material, and features. For instance, steel ladders will probably cost more than wood ladders due to longevity and flexibility. Also, long ladders cost more than short ones.

Further, a ladder that lifts the load automatically probably costs more than a manual ladder. However, the prices vary across loft ladder dealers. Therefore, find affordable dealers to stay within your budget.


You also need to consider the amount of space you have in your loft. You need to accurately measure the amount of space you have below the hatch and the distance from the floor to the hatch. These measurements will help you choose the perfect attic ladder. For instance, if the space is small, a foldable ladder is ideal.

Cost, space, loft ladder types, and material are essential factors to have in mind when selecting loft ladders. Consider these factors to choose a loft ladder.