Love Interior Design? 3 Neat Ways To Use Picture Frames

Posted on: 15 October 2020

Home decor is a great way to add color, texture, and shine to space. However, using decorations in new ways can make your home even more interesting. Here are three neat ways to use picture frames in your home. 

1. Create Collage Walls

Collage walls are collections of random artwork, framed photos, and even decorative wall sculptures all hung in a shape on the wall. Some people choose to create large, square, or circular wall collages, with the larger pieces of art creating focal points, and smaller items filling in the gaps. 

When you are creating a collage wall, consider the size and shape of the wall where you will be hanging the photos and art. Don't be afraid to create a collage in a strange shape, such as a heart or an abstract wave. By doing something different, you can create a frame collage wall that really suits your space. 

2. Frame Important Pieces of Clothing

From old baseball jerseys to wedding gowns, large frames can even be used to frame important pieces of clothing. When you frame important pieces of clothing, make sure they are clean, pressed, and folded carefully to show them at their best angle. 

If the clothing item has embroidery or a built-in structure, choose a shadow box frame to create additional space between the glass and the back of the frame. Keep in mind that heavier shadow boxes or larger frames are often on the heavier side, and may need to be secured to wall studs to prevent damage. 

3. Create DIY Wipe Boards

Whether you like writing out schedules for your family members or you like to have an ongoing to-do list, frames are a great way to do just that. You can create a list, a calendar, or another template, frame it under glass like a normal photo, and then write on the glass like a whiteboard. 

These simple boards can be wiped down and written on over and over, making it easy to stay organized--without detracting from your home's decor. Wipe boards should be attached to walls very securely, since they may be nudged frequently when making notes or cleaning the surface. 

When you thinking about picture framing for your home, think about colors, textures, and shapes that would look great in your home. Don't be afraid to select something a little different to add variety to your space, such as an oversized piece of framed art for over your living room sofa. By choosing unique items, you can create something that is truly your own.