Moving Into A New Home? Hire An Interior Designer To Maximize Kid-Friendliness

Posted on: 20 July 2019

After buying a home, you may start getting excited about moving in with your family. If you have several young children in your family, you may have done everything that you could to make your rental safe for them. But, you will appreciate how much control you have as a homeowner.

While you might feel confident enough to make some design choices on your own, you should consider working with an interior designer to maximize kid friendliness inside your house.


If you want to live in a functional home as soon as you move in, you may want to bring over your existing furniture. However, you can start making plans with an interior designer to replace the furniture with pieces that are well-suited for being in a home with several young children. While your kids will get older over time, you may want to add another member or two to the family.

An ideal quality to prioritize is durability because you want to avoid a situation in which your furniture always looks dirty. Some fabrics are more susceptible to stains from spills, and since young kids are often accident prone, you should be ready with durable furniture in the house.


When you are determined to live in a house that feels like it has character, you may want to put up a lot of decorations. But, you may not know what will work well with young children because they could get their hands on sharp or heavy objects that could be dangerous to them. An interior designer will know what decorations they can get knowing that your children will not be at risk.


While getting optimal decorations is a major step in making sure your house feels kid-friendly, you will also want to pay attention to the placement of everything throughout the home. By putting wall-mounted decorations out of reach from your kids, you can enjoy peace of mind.

If you want to put decorations on the dining table, coffee table, and entertainment center, you should rely on an interior designer to place everything in a safe spot for children. When you have delicate decorations, you should not hesitate to let an interior designer pick up a glass cabinet display case or glass door armoire that allows you to showcase decorations behind a locked door.

With help from an interior designer, you can make your new home as kid friendly as possible.