Interior Design Tips For Retiring In A Small Townhouse

Posted on: 6 February 2019

Moving from a large single-family home into a smaller townhouse is a change many older Americans choose to make. As you age, it gets harder to mow the lawn and do all of the other physically demanding maintenance tasks a house with a yard requires. By moving to a townhouse, you avoid these tasks and can spend your time on hobbies, travel, and visiting family instead. 

If you recently downsized into a small townhouse so you won't have to maintain a large single-family home any longer, then you will be pleased to learn there are many ways you can make the space work well to meet your needs. And if you want to make the townhome look fantastic at the same time, then follow these townhouse interior design tips:

Interior Design Tip: Use Furniture Pieces that Match the Smaller Scale of the Townhouse

If you moved your much-loved large sectional couch out of your old home and into your much-smaller townhouse, then it's a good bet that it is too large for the new space. This is a problem because oversized furniture makes a room look a lot smaller than it actually is and makes it harder to navigate the space.

If you moved larger furniture pieces into your new townhome, then it's time to pass them on to someone else who has a large home and purchase some size-appropriate pieces.

Interior Design Tip: Display the Items You Love and Purge the Rest

It's human nature to collect and store sentimental items throughout your life. All of those souvenirs from vacations, family photos, and other items you have been packing around in boxes need attention when you downsize your living quarters.

While it's easy to think about how you are being forced to give away your things, a more appropriate way to think about it is you are going to display the things that mean the most to you, and you will finally get to enjoy them in your day-to-day life. 

The things you don't display and keep in boxes are very likely going to end up being disposed of by your heirs, so do them a favor and disburse them yourself while you have the ability to do so and can decide exactly where you want them to go.

Interior Design Tip: Consider Hiring a Townhouse Interior Designer for Assistance

If you struggle to decorate your new home in a style you like, then consider hiring a townhouse interior designer to assist you. They have specialized skills and training to make even the smallest townhomes look simply amazing.