Redecorating? ~ Don't Skip Over These Awesome Wall And Ceiling Effects

Posted on: 5 December 2016

Are you planning to redecorate a room in your home? If so, the walls and ceiling in the room will be an important part of your project. Perhaps you are thinking a few coats of paint are all that is needed. The following suggestions can inspire you to do more with your walls and ceiling than paint them a solid color. 


You may have considered this option but decided against it if you feel like wallpaper is a tedious endeavor. There are types of wallpaper that are easier to remove. You just need to pay attention to the product you select. Most wallpapers that are easy to remove already have an adhesive backing, which means that you do not have to secure them using difficult to remove wallpaper adhesive. 


There are limitless options for painted murals. All you need to do is decide on a theme, and you can hire an artist to paint a mural. Perhaps you are thinking that murals are only ideal for your walls, but take a moment and think about how a mural would look painted on your ceiling. You can create an interesting "lifelike" scene such as a starry night sky. You could also get your ceiling painted a scene reminiscent of an artistic work that is similar to those seen in museums. 


This is a bold way to make your walls more interesting. Textures can be created using plaster, and the textures created can be made by using a variety of unconventional objects. Plaster can also be used to create textures on ceilings. If you have never created textures using plaster, it is ideal to practice using the product with various items to determine the texture pattern you want to create. You can make textured areas more interesting by using more than one color. 

Stamping and Stencils

These wall design options can create an appearance that is similar to murals. There are numerous stencil and stamp kits that you can use to create a unique look for the room you are decorating. For example, you might want to use stencils in a baby nursery to write the words of your favorite nursery rhyme or your child's name. Stamping kits can be used to create interesting effects such as flowers or whimsical creatures.

An interior designer, like Stephanie Kratz Interiors, is a good resource to use for more ways to create walls that "make bold and lively statements." They are also an ideal option if you have concerns about whether or not you can create some of these suggestions on your own.