Pros And Cons Of Engineered Quartz Countertops

Posted on: 27 July 2016

Engineered quartz countertops provide an array of benefits as well as some weaknesses. They can provide a durable and attractive countertop. Quartz will fit the décor of your lifestyle and personal choices. Some people would rather own one with a more natural appearance such as granite. However, the ease of maintenance will sway you toward purchasing a quartz countertop.

What is an engineered quartz countertop? This type of countertop is roughly 95% mixture of natural ground quartz and contains approximately 5% polymer resins. The manufacturing of this countertop is available in a huge variety of colors.

The Counter's Appearance

A flecked top can be created using coarsely ground quartz and the smooth look comes from a finely ground quartz.


Waterproof: Quartz doesn't need to be sealed to prevent stains. If you spill tomato juice, oil, wine, coffee, or similar products, the counter is easily cleaned. The counter can be easily maintained, making it approximately 99.9% free of bacteria.

Strong Material:  Quartz is one of the strongest materials on earth and is easier to work with during the manufacturing and installation process.

Maintenance: No periodic resealing is required but the use of heating pads or trivets will prevent excessive heat from touching the top directly. Dried spills such as paint, nail polish, or gum are easily removed with a plastic scraper. Use a non-bleach product as well as non-abrasive liquid cleaner, and rinse the area with clear water. Use a white rag or paper towel to dry the countertop.


Can Easily Chip: Corners and edges of the quartz can chip and will require a technician to repair it correctly. However, it is less likely to become damaged if you purchase countertops with a rounded edge.

Noticeable Seams: The seams are somewhat noticeable but won't usually be a show-stopping experience. In many instances, you cannot easily notice the seams if the counter is a solid color.

Discoloration: If the counter is exposed to direct sunlight and its UV rays, it can discolor with time.

Heavy Material: These countertops should be professionally installed and the material is heavier than granite.

Even though quartz countertops can become pricey, isn't it worth it to have a beautiful kitchen area you can enjoy for many years to come? Its durability and easy maintenance make it a great choice. There should be a style to suit you and your family's decor since it is an engineered product.

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