Being On-Trend: 5 Stylish Window Treatments

Posted on: 27 June 2016

Window treatments do more than control the light in your room and add privacy. Draperies are literally the window dressing of your room – meaning your shades and curtains help create the ambiance. You can opt for simplicity that recedes into the background or go for the drama. Keep your décor on-trend by choosing a stylish window treatment.

Elegant Simplicity

You've heard the adage that less is more, right? This can be applied to your draperies. Elegant simplicity can mean eschewing layers of window treatments for a set of rich curtain panels in silk, brocade or another luxurious fabric. If you want the layers, choose a neutral hue, such as eggshell or beige, for all the layers. For example, start with a set of beige shades, and carry that hue through to the curtain panels and valances.

Embellished Shades

On the flip side, personalized window treatments give your room character. For example, Home and Garden TV describes Roman shades trimmed with embellishments such as beads, shells and buttons hanging from the tape at the bottom. It's possible to custom order your shades with such embellishments or ask your interior designer to have them added on. Echo the color palette of the embellishments in the rest of the room for a cohesive finish.

Rich Tones

Another way to promote character in your room is by choosing window treatments with rich, jewel-like tones. You could opt for shades or curtain panels, depending on the type of light control you want. For an elegant effect, keep your window treatments monochromatic. If, however, you prefer a little creativity, look for graphic patterns. Either way you should pull the color through to the rest of the room's décor.

Metallic Finish

Along the same lines, choosing window treatments with a metallic finish gives your room extra drama. Heavier fabrics, such as velvet or damask, often feature metallic threadwork. You could further the effect with glossy metal curtain rods and finials. You could also add golden or silvery tie-backs for extra metallic sheen.

Organic Shades

If you have a nature-inspired or casual ambiance in your room, you'll want to carry that through to the window treatments. In this case, consider organic shades. Bamboo and matchstick shades offer the feel of outdoor screens on a beach cabana. When drawn up, they offer a subtle framing to your window. When dropped down, they diffuse the light for a pleasing ambiance in the room.

Let your choice of stylish window treatments help drive the design style of the rest of your room. Contact a company like Shady Lady to learn more.