Limestone Flooring

Posted on: 23 February 2016

One of the finishing touches to any home should be the flooring. There are so many different types of flooring that are available. Luckily there are many companies that sell different types of flooring for a great price, and really add that customized feel to the home. The Ohio area is one of the best sources of limestone in the world. For this reason suppliers in Ohio are able to provide custom limestone flooring for a more affordable price than other areas in the United States. This article will outline three reasons that getting limestone flooring is a great idea.  


One of the best things about limestone is the wide variety of limestone available. There are many different types of limestone. Without getting into the geology a great deal, the type of limestone depends on what type of depositional environment it was deposited under. One very popular type of limestone is called marble. Marble can come in a variety of colors and is actually metamorphosed limestone. Metemorphism is a when the limestone has undergone post depositional changes. These changes can come from tremendous pressure or heat. When limestone undergoes these changes it creates the beautiful stone we know as marble. Other limestone will contain a variety of ancient sea critters such as crinoids, gastropods, sponges, corals, and many others.  Limestone can truly be beautiful.


Although limestone can range in hardness, it is far from being as hard as granite. For this reason limestone that is used in tile or other flooring is usually polished and then a very high quality lacquer is applied. The high quality lacquer acts as a protectant to the limestone, but also brings out the different beauties in the rock itself. Once the lacquer is applied the limestone countertop will be a perfect toughness to be put into the home. 


It is well known that some of the most expensive parts of the home can be the flooring. However, there is really nothing that will add personality to the home like classy high end flooring. The tile that you choose can truly become the centerpiece of the home, and be a conversation piece. The money that is invested into great flooring will return some of the most beautiful flooring that are available on the market today. 

To learn more about using limestone as flooring and to get a bid, contact a flooring company near you today!